Perforated window vinyl has the unique ability to provide one-way vision while simultaneously showcasing a full-window custom design. Micro-perforations allow your graphic to be clearly visible on the outside in high-quality UV resistant ink. These vinyl displays maintain privacy, while at the same time giving those inside an unobstructed view of what’s outside.
    • High-quality UV resistant inks
    • Outside facing full window graphics
    • Easily see through from the inside to outside
    • Weatherproof for outdoor applications
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What is Perforated Window Vinyl?

Perforated window vinyl allows you to take advantage of window real-estate.

When applied on windows, this material allows those on the inside to see out, while simultaneously showcasing vibrant displays to those outside.

Our perforated window vinyl features micro punctures designed for one-way vision. 

perforated vinyl pattern perforated vinyl detail

With the perfect ratio of high-quality opaque vinyl and microscopic holes, you can feature stunning storefront designs obstruction outsiders views and still see through easily from the inside. This type of application is perfect for window store fronts, corporate cars, or glass doors.

We print your design on the outside facing side of our weatherproof vinyl with fade-resistant UV inks. This ensures a high-quality, long-lasting image. The tiny holes or micro punctures are small enough that they do not interfere with overall design quality for those looking at your window. Yet, they ensure you perfect visibility from inside.

These perforated window vinyls can be displayed both indoor and outdoor. Plus, they give you added privacy, deflect sunlight, and provide shade.

Top Benefits of Perforated Window Vinyl

Perforated window vinyl allows brilliant, eye-catching graphics to be installed without obstructing the visibility from inside. Instead of leaving your windows as blank, unused spaces, you can transform them into useful, multi-purpose advertising displays. You won’t lose the ability to see out through your window, plus you can display a full-color graphic.

This type of window vinyl helps block direct sunlight, a great tool during hot summer months to help keep buildings cooler. Often, businesses that use perforated window vinyl on their storefronts notice a reduction in their energy bills.

These decals are easy to install and remove, so they are perfect for personalizing rental spaces or using while in the process of renovating.

If would prefer a semi-translucent glass look, you may want to check out our etched-glass custom frosted glass decals. Or, for a more intricate, special-cut window design, you might want to consider our custom die cut vinyl decals.

Winning Features of Perforated Window Vinyl
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • Micro-perforations ensure one-way visibility
  • Outward-facing opaque graphic
  • Maximum ability to see from the inside to outside
  • Perfect for short-term and long-term projects
  • Custom design and sizing for every project size
  • No damage to the original surface
  • Easy Installation
Life Span

Our perforated window vinyl adheres best to glass, mirrors, windows, and other glass or window-like surfaces. Customers frequently apply this one-way vinyl to storefronts, corporate cars, and office windows.

Ideally, you should install the vinyl on a clean, smooth surface for optimal visual impact. Dust and dirt can affect the adhesion, so make sure to clean the window thoroughly before application.

If you have a question about whether your surface is suitable or not, give us a call directly so we can discuss your options.

Sizing for Perforated Window Vinyl

Our perforated window vinyl is perfect for covering entire windows of any size. Properly measure the maximum width and height to ensure full coverage.

We always recommend ordering your graphic 1” wider and higher than the actual window size to allow room for error and trimming.

For extra-large windows or multiple windows, we can piece together multiple decals for maximum effect.
First, measure the full display area you would like to cover, both height and width.
Then, if there are multiple, individual windows that make up this display area, measure each of them individually.
Do not include in your calculations the rubber and/or metal by the glass panes of the window. i.e. the interior rubber/metal panes of the windows.

To ensure that projects of this scale turn out, fill out a quote form including specifications of your project. We will work with you directly to get you exactly what you need!


Installation of perforated window vinyl is super simple and can typically be done alone. However, if you are working with a large window covering or very large vinyl, you may need help from an additional person

  1. Prepare the window surface. Thoroughly wash and clean.
  2. Ensure your surface is completely dry, the surface must be dry for installation.
  3. Using a washable marker, mark the position on the window where you will put the perforated window vinyl to ensure you align it properly.
  4. When the surface is entirely ready, remove the [color?] backing from the vinyl, starting at the top edge.
  5. Align your vinyl according to the markings you made and gently apply the vinyl to the window.
  6. Using a squeegee or flat edged tool, start from the center and apply pressure moving to the outer edge of the vinyl.
  7. Continue to run the squeegee across the surface moving from the center to the outer edge until you have completely and firmly adhered the entire vinyl.
  8. If there is excess material around the edges, remove it carefully using a razor blade.
  9. The adhesion is instant, but it may take several days for the vinyl to fully bind to the glass or underlying surface.
Lifespan of Perforated Window Vinyl

Our perforated window vinyl is long-lasting and easily removable. We print using fade-resistant UV inks to ensure the graphic quality and vibrancy last the entire life of the vinyl.

Typically these window vinyls last up to 2 years with lamination and 1 year without. As with any outdoor signage, weather and use conditions will have an impact on the lifespan of your vinyl. Extreme conditions may shorten the lifespan.

Remember, you can easily remove your vinyl at any time, simply peel off and discard.

Caring for Your Perforated Window Vinyl

Since perforated window vinyl is often on store-fronts and acts as a one-way window, ensuring proper installation is the first step in maximizing the look and life of your vinyl. Any dirt or moisture trapped beneath the vinyl will weaken the adhesion and visual quality.

After proper application, your perforated window vinyl can be lightly cleaned with a damp cloth. Regular cleaning will ensure that dust and dirt don’t get embedded in the edges and diminish the lifespan and overall appearance of your vinyl.

Do not use pressure washers to clean windows with perforated window vinyl applied. It can cause the vinyl to peel off.

Local Delivery & Installation Services

We are happy to deliver and install our perforated window vinyl anywhere in Southern California.

For certain corporate and enterprise projects we are happy to discuss additional options with you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Nationwide Shipping

Once we have completed your perforated window vinyl, we will ship them to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we will ensure your experience is amazing!

Perforated Window Film Questions and Answers

Your top questions about custom perforated window film

Will perforated window vinyls damage my window or leave behind residue?

With proper installation and subsequent removal, there should be no damage to your window. These vinyls are designed to be removed by simply pulling away the decal.

However, if your vinyl has been left on the window surface for too long or been exposed to extreme heat, it can be more difficult to remove. Heating the decal can make the process easier. If there is residual adhesive, you can remove it with your standard window cleaner and a rag.

How do I remove the vinyl?

Your vinyl should peel easily away from your window. Using a window scraper or flat edged tool can assist in the removal process.

Remember, vinyl that has been left longer than recommended might be more difficult to remove. Using heat can help soften the adhesive and help peel away the vinyl from the underlying surface.

What are perforated window vinyls used for?

Often these one-way window vinyls are used on exterior storefronts, internal offices and corporate cars.
These vinyls showcase graphics or images to bypassers or potential customers outside while obscuring the inside of your business. This gives businesses privacy and advertising ability, all in one. A few other uses to keep in mind:

  • Display large-scale graphics on multiple outward facing windows or storefronts
  • Hide renovation while maintaining brand awareness
  • Obscure visibility for security reasons
  • Provide privacy in offices, conference rooms or break rooms.

To learn more about window signage, check out our guide to window signage.

Will the vinyl impact the transparency of my window/storefront?

Yes, absolutely. The unique feature of perforated window vinyl is that it allows one-way visibility.

So you can display a window graphic to those outside blocking and obscuring visibility from anyone trying to look in while maintaining the ability from the inside to see out.

Can I place my perforated window vinyl on the inside of my window?

The perforated window vinyl is designed to be placed on the outside of the room or window where you want the graphic to be seen.

So, if you want to install the graphic on your storefront so customers outside can see the design, do not place it inside of the window. The vinyl must be installed on the outside facing window. There is not a “reverse print” option.

How do I know where my perforated window vinyl will be transparent or allow one-way visibility?

The design of the vinyl allows one-way visibility for those located on the opposite side of the outside-facing graphic print. This usually means the person on the inside of a store or office has the ability to see outside. While customers or individuals approaching the store or window from the outside will see the design or graphic printed on the vinyl. Typically they can not see through.

Sometimes, depending on the lighting and time of day, there might be some ability to see through the decal. For example, when it is dark outside and the inside of a store is lit, customers may be able to see into the store. Or, if your design features dark colors it will be more transparent than a design with lighter, brighter colors.

Are window vinyls the same thing as window stickers or window graphics?

The terms window stickers, window graphics, window decals, and window vinyl are interchangeable.

One difference to be aware of is the difference between window clings and adhesive window vinyl. While both are types of window graphics, their function is different.

Clings do just that, they cling to your window without additional adhesive.

Adhesive vinyl on the other hand (stickers, decals), acts more like a sticker and includes an adhesive backing that makes it longer-lasting.

Window graphics, like perforated window vinyl, use adhesive and can only be used one time whereas window clings can be repositioned.

Will the exposure to sun or the elements ruin my perforated window vinyl?

We use UV ink that is fade resistant and should last as long as your window vinyl.

Extreme temperature or weather can certainly have an impact on the lifespan of your vinyl. Generally, under normal conditions the vinyl will last 1-2 years.

Can the vinyl be cut to shape or into letters?

We do not recommend using perforated window vinyl for lettering or small, individually cut shapes. If you are interested in this type of window decal, check out our custom die cut vinyl decals

We can certainly custom cut to fit the shape of your window. For perforated window decals, we recommend you provide your custom cut dimensions to include an additional 1” border around the shape you need. Typically, it is not necessary to custom-cut this type of vinyl application since it is meant to fill an entire window.

How small or big can my perforated window vinyl be?

Our printers can print large scale projects and small.

There are some limitations to smaller decals, in general the minimum size is 6”x6”.
The maximum is 53”x11998”.

Will it cost more if my design includes multiple colors?

No, all designs printed on our perforated window vinyl are printed in full color.

So the number of colors you include has no effect on the overall cost of your decal. Whether you have 1 or 100 colors, you can print your high-quality graphic at no extra cost.

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