An island display is the king of the hill when it comes to trade show setups. A combination of posters, walls, tables, signs, booths, and custom features, your island display will create a unique space in any exhibit hall. Advantages of an Island Display:
    • Eye-catching to passers by
    • Truly unique design
    • Eliminates the crowded feel of a show
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Why Do you Need an Island Display?
Nothing. We mean, nothing, says “professional” like an island display.

Looking to wow attendees with unique design?

Get an island display.

Looking to transport potential clients away from the hustle of the crowd?

Get an island display.

Looking to fill your booth with an air of expertise and leadership?

Get an island display.

Let’s face it. Anyone can throw a portable display or pop up in their booth, but it takes a special kind of company to invest in the unique design that takes shape as an island display.

Your future clients will know that you are poised to be an industry leader when they catch sight of a breathtaking island designed by Coastal Creative.

The effect is not only something that catches the eye better than any other signage, but also a semi-open space that feels separated from the rest of the show. This gives you distance from the crowd to really listen and talk to attendees, so that you can have their full, undivided attention.

Unique Creations
Unlike a roll up poster or a banner, you can create a one-of-a-kind set up with your island display. Some people choose an elaborate, almost space age design while others opt for an island that simply recreates the feel of meeting in the office.

The options are endless, but don’t worry. We won’t leave the hard work to you. Our team of designers is here to assist you at every step of the process.

We’ll listen to your goals, learn about your brand, and dig into who your target audience really is. From there, we’ll help you choose the right design to fit your vision and your budget. But whatever it is we create together, rest assured that it will be something truly unique.

Flexible to Grow (or Shrink) With You
Your island display never truly needs to be complete. Because they are modular in nature, you can start small and add new elements as your business and your budget grow.

If you’re planning to exhibit at different sized booths throughout the year, don’t stress. You can easily add and remove features from one show to the next to fit your allotted floor space.

Overall, an island display from Coastal Creative is flexible enough to meet whatever challenge you throw at us.

Let Coastal Creative Make Your Exhibit Stand Out
Whether it’s your first trade show or your hundredth, nothing is going to help your business stand out like a professionally designed, expertly crafted island display.

Our team of designers is ready to transform your brand into a unique creation that will help you attract attendees, connect with clients, and make lasting impressions with potential customers.

Give Coastal Creative a call today to learn how an island display can help your exhibit stand above the rest.

Island Display Questions and Answers

Your top questions about custom island displays

What is the life span of island displays?
With proper care and storage, trade show islands can last for 10-20 years for an indoor display and an average of 5-10 years for outdoor signage and displays.


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