A well-crafted dimensional lobby sign is essential to your branding. Custom dimensional signs and dimensional lettering can be fabricated from a host of materials, including acrylic, aluminum, metal, PVC Sintra, wood and so much more. We offer custom color paint matching for all of our dimensional signs and dimensional letters, so we are sure to maintain your brand standards.
    • Important additions to functional office signs
    • Best quality paints in the industry
    • Precise laser cut finish
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Lobby & Reception Signs

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A well-crafted dimensional lobby sign is essential to your branding. Custom dimensional signs and dimensional lettering can be fabricated from a host of materials, including acrylic, aluminum, metal, PVC Sintra, wood and so much more. We offer custom color paint matching for all of our dimensional signs and dimensional letters, so we are sure to maintain your brand standards.

    • Important additions to functional office signs
    • Best quality paints in the industry
    • Precise laser cut finish

What is an Acrylic Print?

Need to know what is an acrylic print and what are its benefits? An acrylic print is a professional grade transparent thermoplastic that is used to mount photos onto walls in a stunning and modern way. Lightweight, durable, and impervious to moisture, acrylic photo prints are an excellent investment for long term graphic displays. We recommend acrylic prints for a wide array of interiors. If you’re looking for a modern, durable, and low maintenance way to display your best work, look no further.

Benefits of Acrylic Prints

Spillproof: One huge benefit of acrylic prints vs canvas photo prints or paper prints is that they are completely waterproof. Spill whatever you want on these - coffee, water, maple syrup - and the only thing you’ll lose is your drink. While you shouldn’t intentionally try to destroy your priceless photos and artwork, these prints are among the most durable. Acrylic prints are an excellent option for humid climates.

UV protection: If you’re looking for a high level of UV protection for your images, our professional grade acrylic will last much longer than other materials. Our archival printing method ensures that these will be resistant to UV rays for much longer. This means you can display them in bright rooms that don't have any UV filtering, or even outdoors. 

Lightweight: Acrylic prints are lightweight enough that they can be hung even from typical drywall without risk of collapsing the wall. Their light weight also makes them easily transportable in the event that you ever need to move your print. This combination of light weight and durability makes acrylic prints a true winner!

Highly Attractive: Acrylic prints make a statement on the wall. They show off your best photos or artwork and are proud to be displayed. They add a modern element to a room and can easily be added or removed. The polished look of the acrylic adds extra depth and radiance to every image. Couple these in an interior with custom wall murals or wall decals and you’ll bring to life your whole room. 

Acrylic Printing Options

We offer our acrylic prints in a variety of sizes and thickness options. Most common is ¼” thick prints which are a good balance of weight and strength.

We include everything you need to mount these prints to the walls, and we include polished metal standoffs to frame and mount.

Printing on Acrylic

We print directly onto our acrylic sheets. This method allows better colors, durability, and keeps things simple. We print onto acrylic all day long and know exactly how to work with the material.

Glass Photo Prints vs Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints are similar to glass photo prints, and the medium is very similar. Acrylic is often a better alternative to glass photo prints since it is shatterproof and lighter in weight, while still offering the same type of texture and impression. If you’re deciding between the two give us a call and we’ll help you decide for your space.

Life Span of Acrylic Prints

Unlike other printers, we print directly onto the acrylic material. This means that your image won't peel from its canvas overtime, and you'll get a longer lifespan out of your acrylic prints. Properly cleaned and cared-for, an acrylic print can last well over a decade. They are a truly great investment for long term displays!

Acrylic Prints vs Canvas Prints

We often get questions about the differences between acrylic prints vs canvas prints. Both are great printing options, and which you choose should depend on your project.

Acrylic prints are more durable and longer lasting. They also allow for the option of leaving blank space that can be transparent, if that is a look you are going for. If you are looking for a more modern-looking printing option, an acrylic photo print is the way to go.

Canvas prints are not quite as durable or longlasting, so if you anticipate that your display will be subject to the elements, you should pick an acrylic print instead. However canvas prints have a very charming, classic look. If you are looking to reproduce the appearance of a painting, then a canvas print will absolutely do that. Canvas prints also tend to be slightly lighter, if this is a concern for you.

Who Uses Acrylic Prints?

Some of the most common purchasers of acrylic prints are professional photographers, interior designers, office interior designers, as well as everyday customers.

Professional photographers are able to transform their photos from something of medium quality on paper to something super high quality on an acrylic panel. Photographers are able to offer a higher end product to clients, and charge higher prices.

Interior designers love recommending acrylic prints to their clients when adding a modern look and feel to an interior. Rather than standard printed photos or canvas prints, an acrylic print makes a beautiful permanent fixture. 

Plexiglass Printing

Acrylic is actually the generic name for Plexiglass. According to Wikipedia, “Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), also known as acrylic or acrylic glass as well as by the trade names Plexiglas, Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex among several others (see below), is a transparent thermoplastic often used in sheet form as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass.”

So if you’re looking for Plexiglass printing, our acrylic prints are exactly what you are looking for. Feel free to reach out to discuss generic acrylic prints vs plexiglass prints anytime. We are happy to further clarify the relationship between acrylic and plexiglass. 

Local Delivery and Nationwide Shipping

Once we have finished printing your acrylic photo prints in our San Diego warehouse, we will ship your acrylic print to you anywhere in the USA. We always pay careful attention to appropriate packaging to ensure that your print arrives in perfect condition. Depending on the size and timeline of your order, we may offer free or expedited shipping.

If you live in the San Diego or Orange County area, we are happy to personally deliver and install your custom acrylic prints. You are also always welcome to stop by our San Diego warehouse to pick up the prints yourself. We would be glad to see you!

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  1. Alex Yachi, InBody USA

    Mark and his team were very efficient, professional, and helpful throughout the entire process! I had no prior experience/knowledge on environmental design/signage until this project, so they advised me on what would work best, and I am so happy with the final product! I always appreciate working with vendors who are punctual and professional in their email communication and know what they are doing. The installation also went very smoothly! My company is located in LA County, and Mark and his team drove up to my location to install the signage and it only took 30 minutes, even though I had anticipated it would take at least an hour to install! The final product is sleek, clean, and exactly what I had envisioned. They also do custom pantone colors as well if you are looking to color match anything! Overall, it was a very pleasant experience working with the Coastal Creative team!

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Options for Reception and Lobby Signs
We have several options available for your reception and lobby sign needs:

  • Foam core – This is the most cost efficient and least durable option available. Most commonly, foam core is used for short-term indoor use only.
  • Ultra board – This product is very close in cost to our foam core, however, it can be used for a longer period of time. Foam core has a paper face, where ultra board has a thin styrene face on both sides. This allows for a nicer print finish and long-term durability if handled properly.
  • PVC – PVC (Sintra) is an expanded cell foam product that offers a very durable option at a fraction of the cost of acrylic. PVC can be used both indoors and outdoors, can be cut to any shape, and can be painted to match any color you may need. PVC dimensional signs and letters are great for long or short-term use and are one of our most economical options.
  • Dibond – This is the sign material of choice our Coastal Creative lobby. Dibond is an outstanding product that comes in a variety of colors, including brushed aluminum, brushed gold and brushed bronze. Dibond can be used both indoors and outdoors and will last indoors for a lifetime.
  • Acrylic – This glossy sub straight is a must for your high-end office. Acrylic comes in an array of colors, however, is also able to be custom painted to match your brand colors. Acrylic is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Installation of Reception and Lobby Signs

It is critical to have an installation plan in place before fabricating your dimensional signs & letters. Most commonly, dimensional signs are mounted to the wall using studs, which are inserted into pre-drilled holes in your wall. Dimensional signs can also be designed to utilize a large variety of standoffs that we have available.  All of our dimensional signs include an installation template for ease of installation. Of course, we would be happy to assist you with your install today, so please feel free to call our friendly staff at 858-866-6560.

Uses for Dimensional Signs & Letters
Lobby signs are one of the most important additions to functional office signs. Dimensional signs and dimensional letters are most commonly used in the main entryways and major lobby spaces of commercial businesses. Dimensional signs and letters can also be used for building addresses, numbering & lettering, wayfinding signs and accessibility signs.
Printing vs. Vinyl Applications
Dimensional signs can be printed and they can also have custom cut die cut vinyl applied to them. Foam core, ultra board, and Dibond are almost always printed signs, where PVC and acrylic are most commonly painted, especially when used outdoors. Our flatbed printers are able to print on materials up to 2” thick. When printed at over 1000 DPI, your printed dimensional letters are sure to stand out!
Size Availability
The largest available size for most of our rigid sub straights is 4’-0” X 8’-0” (48” X 96”). Some sub straights are available in sizes up to 5’-0” X 10’-0”.
Don’t have a sign designed? Coastal Creative is a full-service design and branding company and would be happy to assist you with your sign design. Give our friendly design staff a call at 858-866-6560 to get started today!
Dimensional signs are easy to care for. We typically recommend dry dusting the signs on a weekly basis, and a mild soap and water every few months. This will insure that you get the maximum effect and life span out of your signs. For acrylic and painted signs, we recommend the use of a soft microfiber cloth for cleaning both wet and dry, to ensure that the finish is not scratched or scuffed. These simple cleaning methods will keep your office signs spotless. Please note that the foam core and ultra board signs should only be dry dusted. Never use water or liquid to clean these types of signs.

Reception and Lobby Signs Questions and Answers

Your top questions about custom reception and lobby signs

Are custom fonts available for use for my dimensional sign?

  • Yes, we can use a wide variety of fonts for dimensional letters; however, some may not be possible, such as brush script fonts, depending on the size. Please feel free to contact our design staff at 858-866-6560 for any design or font related questions.



Do you offer custom color matching?

  • Absolutely, at Coastal Creative we understand that your brand colors are important, and we will match them perfectly every time. Both printed and painted signs can be color matched to your exact specifications.



Can my custom design be used to make a dimensional sign?
What is the lifespan of a dimensional sign?
Life span depends on the material used to create the sign. Foam core signs may only last for several months indoors, where painted metals and acrylics will last for years outdoors and a lifetime indoors.
What is the turnaround time for custom dimensional lettering?

  • Our standard turnaround time is three to five business days from proof approval. Of course, we are able to rush projects in less than 48 hours when needed.



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