Wall mural ideas for offices

As usual, Pinterest is an awesome source of more ideas.

Wall murals are thriving in the business interior design category. It’s trending upward as companies modernize their offices and are inspired by startup and modern design trends.

What makes it even better is that printable wall mural technology continues to improve. One example is environmentally-friendly PVC-free wall murals. Perfect for sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools, but also for businesses looking to be environmentally friendly.

When inviting customers new and old into your place of business you want them to feel welcome and at ease. Doing so helps them enjoy their experience and make the most of your valuable services. One of the best ways to have your customers feel at ease is providing a quality workplace environment.

Through excellent customer service and a friendly and professional looking atmosphere, you can achieve a quality environment. Excellent interior decorating practices can help you achieve the look you want to help your customers feel at ease. At Coastal Creative, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve awesome interior decorating projects that will make your workplace cool and cozy.

One of our favorite projects to do, which will add a ton to the laid back feeling of a workplace, are wall murals. These visually pleasing and fun art installations are a great way to please your customer base. Wall murals can help you transport customers to the beach in a stressful environment, or inspire them with a space scene to help them feel more comfortable while receiving your services.

Interested in adding a quality wall mural to your workspace? If so, check out this list of 8 awesome wall mural ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We can easily achieve any of these 8 ideas, but we can also work towards any unique ideas you may have, so never hesitate to tell us exactly what you want!


1. Local Cityscape Wall Murals

This design is a great way to show off your local pride while giving your customers something awesome to look at. Simply getting your hands on a quality high-res photo of a beautiful angle of your city will put you on the right track to achieve this design. Not sure where to find one of these examples? The Coastal Creative team has you covered!

See some more awesome wall mural ideas at Creative Bloq.


2. Space Scene Wall Murals

Nothing is as awe-inspiring, and simply inspiring, as space for many people. If you run a business based on inspiring people to further themselves, a wall mural that centers around a space theme can do wonders for your cliental.


3. Beach Scene Wall Murals

Beach wall mural

Image source: Pinterest

Do you run a mental or physical therapy office or a travel agency? If so, a quality beach scene wall mural should be right up your alley. This relaxing and visually pleasing choice will help customers feel at ease and allow them to escape for a few brief moments. Escapism can be healthy once and a while, and especially for patients of mental/physical therapists offices, this escape can be very welcome. For travel agencies, this wall mural choice can simply help inspire a customer’s final choice for a destination!


4. Natural Landmark Wall Murals

Imagine an image of the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls in your office space. Isn’t the image simply awe-inspiring? Customers will be sure to appreciate this natural beauty greeting them as they enter or walk about your business. For outdoor supply stores, this idea can be particularly useful, as it may inspire your customers to buy gear for their next outdoor excursion.


5. Abstract Design Wall Murals

Abstract idea from Pinterest

Abstract idea from Pinterest

Sometimes you want something a little more, let us say, “out there.” For art shops, this idea can be especially useful, as you can inspire your customers to reach for originality! Think of complementary colors and shapes dancing in a pleasing composition and you will begin to have an idea of what an abstract design might entail. For this choice, simply consult us and we can start presenting some examples to help inspire you to find a final design choice.


6. Waterfront Wall Murals

This choice is a sort of add-on to the idea of a local cityscape. Cities with waterfronts know just how beautiful, calming and awe-inspiring these locations often become to locals and tourists alike. Consider privileging your consumers to this image every time they come into your store, and you may find that your customer satisfaction rates will begin to rise.


7. Tasteful Food Close-up Wall Murals

Everyone loves food, and a well-composed mural of food can be a great way to wet someone’s appetite. If you run a restaurant, you can put up a large mural of one of your signature dishes to increase sales, and if you run a grocery store, you can help define the image of your establishment. Close-ups of food may seem like a strange choice initially, but with the proper motivation and execution, these wall mural ideas can often become some of the most interesting and visually beautiful ones out there.


8. Ocean Floor Wall Murals

Imagine a flock of fish and coral reef entreating your customers as they enter your workplace. This awesome idea can provide a sort of aquarium space without the expensive practice of keeping a hundred cool critters alive. If you want to do something unique and fun with your wall mural, an ocean floor image is a great option to consider.


Let Us Help

Now that you’ve heard all these awesome suggestions, get in touch with our Coastal Creative team today! We will set up a free consultation to help you decide on a final design idea for your business. A more beautiful, engaging, and comfortable workplace is a simple phone call away.

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