The word “office” too often brings to mind images of gray cubicles, fluorescent lighting, and printer jams. But as creative industries grow, more and more work places are making a point to incorporate inspiring design into their office floor plans. Wall murals are a popular option because of their infinite versatility and their ability to transform vast spaces that might otherwise remain empty.

With wall murals, the possibilities are endless. So when it comes down to designing a striking office wall mural, where does one begin? Like with most creative projects, a little bit of inspiration can go a long way.

We’ve designed and installed many wall murals over the years. Every project is different, and the starting places that spark inspiration are just as diverse. Here are 14 of our favorite places on the web to browse to get those creative juices flowing:


1. OfficeLovin’ 

Office Wall mural inspiration on

Ever wondered what it would be like to work at Uber or LinkedIn? tours and photographs some of the most beautiful, creative workspaces from around the globe, including many prominent tech leaders. Their catalog focuses mostly on startups and other technology companies, an industry that tends to be on the cutting edge of design innovation. Murals feature heavily in many of the OfficeLovin’ profiles, so use that search function to browse through hundreds of enviable workspaces with striking mural designs.


2. Office Snapshots for wall mural inspiration

If you’re interested in seeing real-life examples of specific design elements, will be hugely helpful in your next office design project. Office Snapshots photographs workspaces from a wide range of industries, like retail, education, law, and medical, and catalogues each photo according to the design elements employed therein. For a quick way to see all of the wall murals in their archives, browse photos in the Environmental Graphics category.


3. Colours X Art

graffiti wall mural inspiration

Though once seen as nothing but delinquency and vandalism, in the last few decades graffiti has emerged as a celebrated art form of its own. With its urban, guerrilla roots, graffiti is very much tied to the idea of tagging spaces with an artist’s unique identity and history. Due to its tremendous capacity for storytelling and identification, many companies have begun to incorporate graffiti themes into their office designs.
Looking to the street is an excellent way to find inspiration for a graffiti-themed office wall mural. Colours X Art is a prolific and simple blog featuring stunning graffiti from all over the world. Updated daily, simply scroll to see incredible works from Brooklyn to the Eastern Bloc. The curator does an excellent job of crediting the artists and correctly identifying the location of every work, so you can always hunt down more information on your favorites.




banksy graffiti wall mural inspiration

The world’s most famous and elusive graffiti artist keeps a website as sparse as his interactions with the media. Using unique stenciling techniques for art works great and small, Banksy is the master of transforming available space into clever murals. Banksy’s work is a great place to start if you are interested in creative use of architectural and environmental features.



5. Tracy Lee Stum’s Chalk Graphics

tracy lee stum floor graphic and wall mural inspiration

Something especially neat about wall murals is that, with such a large canvas, you can take advantage of perspective in unique ways. Tracy Lee Stum is an artist whose work revolves around vantage point, creating incredibly lifelike chalk murals on walls and floors. Her works appear to pop out at passersby, making for an incredibly interactive experience. For some inspiration on how to incorporate both floor graphics and wall murals together for a visually stunning effect, take a look at her impressive portfolio.




typeverything typography wall mural inspiration

Typography is inextricable from great design, and many murals include calligraphy and lettering. Especially for an office wall mural, typography can be used to convey company values and culture in a visually interesting way. is a blog curated by Andrei Robu and a team of graphic artists to feature stunning examples text and design. The gallery mostly features digital typographic design, though hand lettering and calligraphy will also make appearances from time to time.



7. r/EarthPorn

nature photos wall mural inspiration

Wall murals don’t need to be elaborate works of art. Sometimes the greatest backdrop for an office environment is the work of Mother Nature herself. High-resolution photos make for gorgeous wall murals. Photos of nature, especially, can bring a sense of calm and well being to your working environment. r/EarthPorn is one of Reddit’s most popular communities. Heavily moderated to ensure that only images of excellent quality rise the ranks, the subreddit features stunning user-submitted photos of the great outdoors. Scroll through the top submissions to get some great ideas for a panoramic wall mural, or for your next vacation.

Need more inspiration for an office wall mural?

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